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The Journal Formerly Known as the RPG of Ill Repute

still a free form thingy

The RPG of Ill Repute
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As of Spring 2007 this community is being used for sharing music recommendations. Yay recycling!

We still have the ill repute. Or are of ill repute. It's a grammatical conundrum that one.

This is a free-form role playing game in the Harry Potter universe. Pretty much anything goes as long as you can some how relate it to the central theme. Players are Original Characters although cannon (and fannon) characters may make some cameo appearances. (Hell, knowing us Legolas, Space Ghost, Hamlet, and Tom Brokaw could show up. It's hard to predict, really.) However, I have been told that a good rpg requires a set time and place, so here goes. (Any complaints should be lodged with the management, appropriate changes may be made, or you may be told to sod off. It's hard to predict, really.)

The game's events take place primarily at Hogwarts. It's the year after the occurrences of Order of the Phoenix: the ministry has acknowledged Voldemort's return and the battle of darkness and light is about to begin as Harry begins his sixth year of school. Of course we don't really care, we're seventh years. We were here before Harry, and the way things are going we'll probably be around long after he's gone. Sure there's an epic battle of good versus evil on the horizon but we have other things to worry about, like studying for the NEWTs (well, at least the Ravenclaws, and maybe Deaia), making fun of Nanerean, misusing our newly acquired apparation licenses, figuring out just how much butterbeer you have to drink to get thoroughly pissed, planning our futures outside of school (I heard the Sleazy Weasel might be hiring, any takers?), and tormenting (in a friendly way) poor tiny Professor Galvi... er, Flitwick.

Your first post should be a character profile. Any format you like, but keep it short, presumably we will find out more about you as we go along.